Are you looking for smart home deals this holiday season? 

The smart home is a high-tech trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Many homeowners will head to electronics stores during the holidays to look for deals on app-controlled smart thermostats, locks, doorbell cameras and connected security devices. 

But don't join them just yet. Smart home equipment requires expertise to set up, program and maintain—expertise that retail stores can't provide, and that you might not have time to learn.  

As smart home deals go, here's what makes this one the best of all. 

1: Installing can be fun. Configuring … not so much 

If you're handy, installing home hardware can be fun—but with smart technology, there's more to the job. Each device needs to be configured to communicate with you, your home network and other devices. Setting up and maintaining these type of network connections requires a different skill set that can leave even confident DIY-ers baffled

When you use a Louisiana owned company such as La Alarms we will configure your smart home as part of our service. Our sophisticated tools will ensure that every device is ready to communicate and respond to your commands. 

2: Support and services are essential 

The additional services that La Alarms brings to your smart home purchase are a huge advantage when owning a new technology. 

As well as configuration, we include dedicated customer support. Should anything go wrong, anytime, La Alarms steps in to fix it. We will also provide 24/7 professional security monitoring—a home security "gold standard" service for emergencies that comes as part of the package. 

You also enjoy having new smart home features added automatically to your system through's cloud. While your neighbors shell out for newer versions of smart devices to keep their homes current, you get the latest features and capabilities automatically. 

3: Building your own system from scratch is expensive 

When you buy smart home technology, "bigger" is often better. The larger your network of devices and sensors is, the more it can understand about what's happening around your home, and the more it can do for you—especially when it's connected by a single technology like

For example, window sensors can communicate with's smart thermostat to scale back energy waste. A smart lock can disarm the security panel when you let yourself in. A smart security system understands so much, thanks to all of its sensors, that it can detect and warn you about unusual activity before something bad happens. 

Building this kind of sophisticated, multi-device system on your own involves a large outlay of cash upfront. With La Alarms, however, we install, and have it running normally for zero down. Instead of saving up to install device after device, you get a sophisticated smart home, powered by's award-winning cloud intelligence, on day one. 

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