We have some exciting news for our La Alarms and Alarm.com customers. A new and improved website for Alarm.com is coming soon, with upgraded features, greater interaction, and more benefits for end users.



The new Alarm.com Customer Website is available now.

With this update, customers of La Alarms will be able to enjoy the most advanced services, but with a modern, easier-to-use and app experience. You can view all the updates now by going to our login page.

Based on significant end user testing, Alarm.com's new updated experience showcases an intuitive design making it easier for users to engage features that make life and managing security.

Key updates to the website will include:

  • Centralized summary of activity and devices right from the homepage

  • Card-based UI (like the mobile app) enables quick control and status checks

  • Simplified navigation helps to highlight key tasks like Automation and Notifications

Please make sure to contact us at LA Alarms for more information.