If you have a house, then you know the importance of being safe. Having your home destroyed or damaged is one of the worst experience you can have. Your home is more than your biggest investment, it is a place where you build memories. Continue reading to learn more about making sure your home stays safe and protected.

Only give your house key to a professional house cleaner if you trust them. Only select service people who are totally trustworthy. All references should be checked. If you are using a cleaning firm, make sure it has an excellent Better Business Bureau rating or a members of Angies List.

Is your dog outside when you are away? They can help you with your spare key. You can attach your key to your dog's collar in order to keep the key hidden. This is the perfect place to store a spare key, especially if your dog doesn't care for strangers. But, this is 2017 an alarm.com powered smart lock designed by Kwikset and installed by La Alarms is your best option of never needing a spare key. With this smart lock you will have the ability to lock or unlock your door remotely.

Another tip is to be careful when you travel, its not always worth it to post your vacation pictures on Facebook and then come home to an emptied home. Do not tell anyone that you are going on vacation out of your friend circle. Although your first instinct is to share the news about an upcoming trip that excites you, the info may well fall into the hands of people who'd be interested in burglarizing your home while you're away.

Take advantage of any and all security resources your local police force makes available to homeowners. Many police departments will offer expert advice, arrange inspections, sponsor neighborhood watches, and help you mark and register your valuables. 

You should always park your car inside your garage or carport and always lock the doors. 

Make sure that none of your valuables can be seen from the outside. A big front window gives you a good view; however, it also gives burglars a good view of the interior of your house. Keep your windows covered and your belongings private.

Be on the lookout for rotten wood anywhere near your doors or windows. Rotted wood can be easily removed by thieves. Replace rotting wood with fresh wood to improve your home's security.

Whenever seeking out home-security companies, the Internet can be a valuable resource, so utilize it. Read through official websites for different companies and look for reviews written by customers. Always check with the BBB and state licensing boards. 

Landscape your home with safety in mind. All of your windows and doors should be unobstructed by plants, shrubs, trees or fences. If they are visible, people won't be able to hide there while trying to break in. Have your landscape several feet away from your house for better safety.

Get a paper shredder. Thieves often find the trash cans to be a gold mine of pertinent information about potential victims. If paper shredders don't fit into your budget, you can manually rip up important documents yourself.

Keeping your house safe is not a difficult feat. You just have to know some good ideas concerning home security. Use the tips you just read to improve your home security. Don't neglect these tips because you could use them to ensure your house's safety.