Case Study: A single mother called us concerned about her work hours and the safety of her 8 and 13 year old daughters for a few hours a day before she came home.


Solution: La Alarms did an onsite survey of the home and discussed options with the home owner. Our solution was to

  • place contacts on all of her windows and doors
  • a motion detector 
  • touch screen keypad
  • an inside camera
  • a doorbell camera
  • custom programming that will have the system notify Mom when any window or door opens from noon-6pm along with sending a video from the cameras so Mom can see who opened the door or window. 

This solution will allow Mom to know when either daughter comes home from school through an alert on her phone. Plus provide videos of anyone the daughters may allow in the home. This solution works even if the children do not arm the system plus it doesn't provide alerts after mom gets home so the system is not a bother with many push alerts.

This system was installed for zero down to Mom with a monitoring rate less expensive that lesser systems from other companies. 


At La Alarms we have custom home security options available for your home. The programming of custom alerts and ways to use your system is where we shine against other firms.